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Sometimes you find a new author and you want to devour every word they've ever written.
If that's you and you're here looking for more of my work - you're in luck!  I've got multiple titles from hilarious erotica to contemporary romance to far-fetched fantasy.
Much of my work is available for free on Wattpad, the world's number one reading app.  You'll also find my works-in-progress there, and join me as I post a chapter at a time.  Sign up and read away!

Taking the Heat

A scorching novel about sexy singles, intense competition, a cash prize—and no touching allowed.

Lured by the promise of a million dollar prize, Tara reluctantly signs up for the new hit show Erotic Island, where sexy singles hook up on international television. It’s about as far from her scene as possible, but desperate times call for desperate auditions, and Tara is willing to do almost anything for the cash prize.

The last person she expects to meet when she shows up in paradise in a thong bikini is Chris, a sinfully gorgeous barista with whom she shared a coffee—and an intense attraction. The last time she saw him, he was standing in judgement over her decision to audition. So why is he on the island? Was it all a ploy to throw her off her game and win the prize? And why is the ‘no touching allowed’ rule suddenly so very hard to follow?

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What readers are saying:
"What a fantastic read!  Kate obviously knows how to keep the reader engrossed - wow!  I didn't want the story to end."
Simone - iBooks
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Kate's notes
I am a big fan of the Bachelorette (but I can't stand the Bachelor - go figure...) and I'm always amazed by how much the producers of these shows get away with.  Erotic Island is a product of my imagination - what would happen if there were no limits on how far you could go on TV?

Heat Wave 

The stand-alone follow up to Taking the Heat.  All aboard for sex, heartbreak, adventure and love.

When Maddie runs into her old high school boyfriend on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, she immediately falls back into his arms.  Starting her new job the following day on a hit reality show, Maddie is shocked to discover her sweet Texan flame is actually Beau, the star of the new hit reality show, Ship of Love.  

As a production assistant, Maddie is forced to watch ten gorgeous ladies compete for Beau’s attention; meanwhile, the star of the show seems more interested in the girl behind the camera.  Trying to ignore her growing feelings for the famous cowboy while keeping the job she so desperately needs, Maddie is facing rough waters ahead.

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What readers are saying:
"I'm a huge fan of anything you write.  But I have to say Heat Wave is hands down a story after my own heart - mainly because I love cowboys with hot accents.  You are a wonderful and creative writer."
Mall J
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Kate's notes
I worked on a cruise ship a few years ago, and they are a great location for steamy romances!  Beau was the most beloved character from Erotic Island so he had to come back searching for love again. 

30 Lays in 30 Days

With almost three million reads on Wattpad, 30 Lays in 30 Days is sexy, fun erotica.

The world’s sexiest bucket list.

After emerging from a loveless marriage, Cat realizes hers is a life half-lived. What’s a recently-single woman in the prime of her life to do? Have her first ever one night stand. But her experience leads her to more than just an evening of pleasure. Cat has a revelation: she’s sick of being a good girl. It’s time for this Cat to take a walk on the wild side.

Cat pledges to try 30 different sexual experiences in the next 30 days, before she turns 30. Her list sends her on a journey that will lead to indescribable pleasures and some risky situations, and Cat will learn more about herself than she ever thought possible. Most unexpected of all, she may even find love.

Do you dare take a peek at her list? Read on...

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What readers are saying:
"30 Lays in 30 Days had a little bit of everything for everyone. It was filled with steamy sex scenes, unique situations, blackmail, payback, exploration, and finding your true self. If this book is part of a series then sign me up to read all of them!"  Heidi - via Goodreads
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Kate's notes
This book sprang from my own selfish desire for a novel with sex in every chapter, but one that also had a storyline.
32 Lays Later

The hottest of hot romantic eroticas, this is a love story with a little more...

Can passion and porn co-exist?

Sexually adventurous Bethany is ready for a change. After spending almost ten years as a nurse, she craves work that will stimulate her amazing body as well as her quick mind.

When she finds out her crush, the enigmatic film producer Ari, is actually the owner of an adult film company, Beth gleefully signs a contract to work for him. She will live in a mansion for the next two months with a cast of smoking hot porn stars while filming 32 adult productions – what’s not to love?

But as Beth tries to guard her heart against falling for Ari, a new star enters the house. Soon Beth is questioning everything she thought she knew about love and wondering if there’s room in her heart, and in her bed, for more than just one.

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Kate's notes
I wanted to push the limits with this one - it's explicit and unconventional - adults only please!
The Curves Ahead

With over 2.7 million reads at the #1 featured Wattpad book, The Curves Ahead has inspired women all over the world.  

Curvy Evianna has it all - as the host of a number one talk show, she's adored by millions of Australian TV viewers, has a gorgeous co-star and cash to burn.  

But the plus-sized role model is desperately lonely, battling the body issues that keep her isolated while lusting hopelessly over the delectable man beside her on screen.  Realising she can't experience love until she learns to make peace with herself, Evi decides she needs to make some big changes to her life, leaving her safe chair behind the desk and embracing a new adventure.  

She'll discover self-love, passion and a whole lot about herself on her Australia-wide journey as she explores what it really means to be beautiful on the inside.

Curves Ahead is currently available for representation.  Please leave your details on the contact page.

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The full work is available on Wattpad - to read, you'll need to login, then follow the link here.

What readers are saying:
This is a true piece of art, not because it is well written or the characters are captivating, but because you have injected it with a meaning that transcends it's existence and challenges us to radically redefine our own.
Chrissy C

I don't think that there's any other book out there that can take on this book in comparison. This book is simply amazing. It touches souls, with valuable life lessons, makes the lost feel like there are people who understand. This book is my new bible.
Julianna L

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Kate's notes
This book came about from my own struggles with body image - it's a universal issue almost every woman on the planet deals with.
True North

With over 1.5 million reads on Wattpad, True North is the tale of Emily, who is running from fame.

Once a worldwide singing sensation, she has spent the last five years hiding from her past in the tiny mountain town of Marysville, a community still recovering from the Black Saturday bush fires.  

Enter North, the bearded man Emily almost runs over on a remote road.  Starving and exhausted, he has no memories and nowhere to go.  As North moves into Emily’s home, the gentle giant begins to give Emily back her sense of hope and direction.

With North’s past a mystery and Emily’s past a tragedy she’s desperately fighting to keep hidden, the odds are against them.  When Emily discovers who North truly is, will she accept his love, or run again?

True North is currently available for representation.  Please leave your details on the contact page.

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The full work is available on Wattpad - to read, you'll need to login, then follow the link here.

What readers are saying:
"I have to agree with everyone - I would pay for a hard copy of True North.  I think I would get a few extras to share.  You are an amazing writer.  Please never stop writing.  I went through every emotion the characters did and then some."  Raquel P

"Not only would I pay for this, I'd encourage all my friends to buy it as well.  This is a wonderful story - thank you for sharing your talents."  Marty R
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Kate's notes
North sprang from a single idea: what would you do if you saw an injured man by the side of the road when you were driving alone, would you stop and help?
And the rest...
Awarded a coveted position on the editor's desk on the Harper Collins' Authonomy site, Feather Light is a New Adult adventure which blends fantasy and romance.

Keira is a twenty year old girl navigating her way in the modern world, while coping with her unique secrets - her feathered wings and her ability to fly. 

Keeping herself isolated from relationships, Keira believes herself to be alone in her condition, until the night she literally crashes into the winged brothers, Noah and Leigh, and discovers a hidden world of mystery, history and danger.

A partial manuscript of Feather Light is available on the Authonomy website.  Click here. 

Rich Girl Poor Girl
Money or love – which would you choose?  Two love stories entangle when city girl Lex meets a sexy musician, and hippy-chick Sparrow falls for a billionaire.

Lex is driven by the dollar; a high-flying corporate type, she is only concerned with her bank balance and the life-style cash can bring.  Sparrow is a free spirit without a penny to her name.  Living hand to mouth by the beach, she abhors materialism in every form.

But by falling for men so different from who they are, both women find themselves drawn towards a world they never wanted, and they'll have to face some hard decisions about money, love, and how much a person can truly change who they are.

The full manuscript of Rich Girl Poor Girl is available on Wattpad.  Click here.
Have you ever felt like a failure in love and life in general?  
Mia’s year has been an epic fail so far – she’s lost her job, her apartment, and her boyfriend.  But rather than try to regain the man she didn’t want or the career that was strangling her soul, she decides to chase her dreams instead.  Mostly, she wants to be brave enough to finally commit to a relationship with her divine best friend, Cody, but a crippling fear of failure is holding her back.  

Luckily, the universe drops Rupert into her lap - the blond, gorgeous front man of the world’s most famous rock band.  With his irreverent attitude towards life, Rupert is the perfect person to pull Mia out of her shell and show her that sometimes when you fail, you actually win.

With her heart torn between the two men, tension soars.  As Mia reaches out to grasp everything she’s ever wanted, she’ll discover that choosing between her best friend and the wild card could end up her biggest failure yet.

A partial manuscript of Love/Fail is available on Wattpad.  Click here. 

A New Adult fantasy adventure with a twist, Tender is a romance for anyone who ever dreamed of being a Disney Princess.

Overly-emotional Misty has been cast as the voice of the Unnamed Princess in the newest animated smash-hit movie – which is causing a huge buzz for its M-rating and sex scene.  

But Misty couldn’t have imagined the ways “Tender” will change her life, and how feeling too much is both her greatest weakness and biggest strength.

A partial manuscript of Tender is available on Wattpad.  Click here.